Becoming an Intern

Omnia Humanitas


1.)  The person seeking an internship should send a letter of inquiry (via post or email) including:

a curriculum vitae (with contact information);

an essay which explores what it is they would like to learn about, how they would like to go about it, and why they think Omnia is the best place for this pursuit;

a brief description of their past experience in the field (none is required!);

and two (2)  references (with contact information) from persons who know them well in some capacity related to becoming an intern with Omnia Humanitas. 

2.)  Within 3 weeks of receipt of the letter of inquiry, and if the proposed internship seems viable, a prospective intern will be contacted to arrange for an interview with the Intern Coordinator and the head of the division in which they hope to intern.  (Although face to face interviews are preferred, a teleconference is acceptable for those more distant.)

3.)  Within 3 weeks of the interview, a prospective intern will be contacted with the decision of the Intern Coordinator and Division Head, and, if accepted, an invitation to pursue their internship with Omnia will be extended.


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