Buy A Brick!

Buy a brick & build a world!

How is buying a brick going to help build this wonder of wonders?
All we need is for 90,000 people to buy a brick for $70 each,
and the incredible becomes real. 90,000 people is only 13% of
those who play World of Warcraft,
or 5% of the high school
students in America,
or about .03% of the people living in the US today!
When you get right down to it, that’s not many at all.

For $70 you’ll get:

  • Your name inscribed in the Book of Founders.
  • Your name (or pithy saying) engraved on a brick that will line The Hermitage Way,
    the main, public walk of our premier site.
  • Advance invitations to public events and activities held at our premier site.
  • And occasional surprise discounts and tokens of our appreciation.

  • And oh yes, a place where you are always welcome to come and refresh yourself,
    a place to remember how worthwhile you are and how extraordinary life can be.

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    **As the site is a public space,
    if the phrase you choose is, in our judgement, inappropriate for public display,
    we will contact you and ask that you provide an alternative.

    Payments can be made by Paypal, credit card, check, or money order.
    Please mail checks or money orders to:
    Omnia Humanitas PO BOX 692 Newark, DE 19715