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“Green” Construction

To demonstrate “green” construction and sustainable living design and incorporate these practices into in-fill and redevelopment projects at the individual and community level.

Many modern construction methods and materials are below standard in quality, resulting in edifices which are initially cheap to construct, but expensive in the long run to maintain.  To maximize speed of construction and profitability, consideration of a structure’s suitability to the location and their effect on the surrounding locale are marginalized. Consequently, quality of life is sacrificed.  (D. Hayden, Building Suburbia, 2003)

Attempts to fit current construction modalities and prohibitively expensive advances in materials and processes with “green” nomenclature has resulted in half-measures.  The disappointment which results when the returns on such investment are limited slows real advancement in the acceptance of and wider application of more radical sustainable living designs. Misconceptions abound regarding renewable resources for construction and environmentally sound waste systems.  This too hampers the spread of sustainable living designs.  

Omnia Humanitas will be work for change in this area by building a state of the art, natural construction, demonstration site documenting construction and expense over time, to be used to educate municipalities, communities, developers, and individuals about the benefits and economic viability of natural construction materials and methods.              

As a result of our work in sustainable agriculture and “green” construction, Omnia Humanitas will be able to realize another of our goals: the preservation of open space and the reclamation and revitalization of abandoned or neglected sites.

passive solar energy preservation of open space recycling



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