For those who want to learn hands-on about some aspect of Omnia Humanitas itself or its programs, internships may be arranged.  There are three different kinds of internships: college students working for college credit, teenagers meeting community service requirements, and individuals (young and old alike) learning new skills through a self-designed program.  Each internship is individually designed with that particular person in mind.  Internships differ from volunteer work in that the intern is looking for a definable course of study with a predicated outcome.

Interning with Omnia Humanitas will be a little different from what one might expect. In most cases, it will be up to the prospective intern to decide what they would like to learn and then show how it is best done as an internship. Once arranged, special care will be given to helping an intern devise the course of work and study that will help them get the most out of their internship with Omnia Humanitas.

Interns are expected to be self-directed and innovative. While there will be specific projects to be addressed within an internship, determining the number of hours spent on each and the order in which they are addressed (as allowed by the activity itself) are, for the most part, the responsibility of the intern. Aside from regularly scheduled formal meetings with their mentor, spontaneous discussion is encouraged and will be accommodated whenever possible.  An internís ideas for the modification or expansion of the stated objectives will be welcomed.  The supervising mentor will be readily available over the course of each day to discuss the internís approach, progress, and new ideas. Camaraderie and open conversation are essential to the internís and Omniaís success. 

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