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Site Reclamation & Open Space

To provide outdoor spaces which encourage leisurely appreciation of the natural environment and refreshment for the human psyche.

The research of Kaplan & Kaplan (The Experience of Nature, 1995) shows that access to natural settings is important to human beings, not merely because it serves some purpose (improved air quality, a place for exercise, etc.) but because it is an intrinsic human need. Omnia Humanitas will provide free access to a variety of outdoor spaces which are carefully maintained to heighten their restorative effect.

To preserve open space and to reclaim and revitalize abandoned or neglected sites. 

Throughout our communities there are tiny parcels of land that have run to wrack and ruin that, with a little care and ingenuity, can be reclaimed and provide vital, vibrant connections to the land and to one another.

Omnia Humanitas is currently working towards the revitalization of two sites and the preservation of an additional third: a 33 acre parcel associated with a regional county park which includes 17 buildings comprised of a historical residence and several barns and a 105 acre farm which has been set aside for “agricultural education” and is adjacent to a state park.  The third parcel is comprised of approximately 50 acres of woods, wetlands and meadow adjacent to the regional park.  In addition to these larger sites, there are several smaller plots in local communities that can be reclaimed to bring the work of Omnia right to people’s doorsteps.




Skills, Crafts & Arts

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