Skills, Crafts & Arts

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To support and encourage the practice of traditional and historical skills and crafts and personally meaningful arts.

To have some sense of where we are going, it is good to know where we’ve been. Knowing what makes a thing tick or how it came to be gives us an appreciation for it beyond its mere utility or amusement value. And in the same way that we cling to our ideals of personal independence and rugged self-reliance, Americans are drawn to “do-it-yourself” crafts and admire that which is “hand made”. Omnia Humanitas, through it’s agricultural practices and artisans’ workshops, will make these experiences available to all who are interested in learning more abouthandiwork and historical crafts.

While admiring a craftsman’s skillful execution is instructive and interesting, it is often the case that people do not try things they might otherwise be interested in because they don’t think they will be “good enough” compared to a professional. (B. Bledstein, The Culture of Professionalism, 1976.) 

Through access to craftsman who willingly share their skills and are dedicated to helping others in a non-competitive and leisurely atmosphere, Omnia will encourage people to take up new skills, thereby becoming competent in something which is productive and generative and leads to an increased sense of self-sufficiency and self-worth.



Skills, Crafts & Arts

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