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How and Why It Works: Business As Usual, Our Way.


Over the years, people have begun to expect the government to “do something” about the condition of the land or the lack of facilities for leisure and education.  Most municipalities and government agencies are overburdened; there just isn’t enough money or personnel to do all the things that people have started to demand that the government do.  Many of these things should actually be the responsibility of the people in the community.  Much of the work of Omnia, even as it revitalizes and preserves the land and invigorates people, will relieve some of the burden that is placed on the government.  Omnia Humanitas will relieve some of the burden on our local government at the municipal and county level, by revitalizing land which either belongs to or is open to the community, offering cultural and educational programs and leisure pursuits to members of the public, and relying heavily on the people themselves to make things work.

Self-sufficiency for Omnia means that rather than relying on government to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves, we find other ways to make things work, through the generous financial support of individual benefactors, corporations, foundations, and charitable organizations and, most importantly, through the efforts of the individual people themselves who support Omnia financially and through their volunteer work.

Integration and Diversity

Omnia seeks out bits of land and community to revitalize through sustainable agricultural and horticultural methods, “green” construction methods, and the development of programs that will encourage and enhance the lives of the people who live nearby.  As every site we work to improve will be different, one of our first steps will be to determine what the best use of the site is – what will enhance people’s experience of the site and invigorate them. 

Once a site has been physically revitalized, the work of Omnia at each site will be managed by Groups which include: Education, Land, Artisans, and Communication.  The Groups are composed of smaller working groups which focus on particular activities which fall within the purview of each Group. Some groups will be needed for the development of a site and others may not.  For example, at the most expansive sites the following programs can be developed in concert with one another. 





Drop In Daycare


Artisan Space

Community Outreach

Summer for Kids


Open Studio

Volunteer Services

Life-long Learning

Green/Natural Construction

Music Studio

Information Center

Cultural Festivals



 What makes Omnia different is the fluidity with which the various Groups relate to one another; each one is semi-autonomous, but dedicated to helping the others succeed by sharing resources, space, and personnel. The General Meeting which advises and the Executive Committee which coordinates the interactions of these Groups is made up of the people who work and volunteer at the site.  Integrated and yet semi-autonomous, each Group is dedicated to helping the whole create places where people can be refreshed and find, “All that which is good for mankind.”  Omnia Humanitas.

That’s why Omnia Humanitas is so diverse; we’re following the old admonition, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Diversity leads to strength whether in ecosystems or human communities.  The educational programs, the arts, the natural building demonstration site - all these activities will contribute to supporting one another and expanding the good work we hope to do to as many communities and groups as we can.  

Dedication: People to Make it Work

One of the most amazing things about Omnia is the people dedicated to making it work.  All of those of us who are currently working with Omnia are doing so for the love of the work alone. Nearly every aspect of the work of Omnia Humanitas is open to other volunteers who have a more casual interest or limited time and to interns who are eager to learn.  All will be welcome to work and grow with us.

Generosity & Attentiveness:  What Can We Do For Each Other Today?     

Diversity, integration, and dedication can only flourish when supported by attentiveness and generosity.  Each person is an individual worthy of attention, a fact that often gets lost in the everyday rush of our lives.  But if you really listen to some one, really pay attention to them and not to the role they fill or the trappings of their lives, you discover there are untold depths in each one of them.  And in those depths are wonderful capabilities worthy of development. If we are really and genuinely being attentive to one another, interested in what we can do for each other, and seeking what is best for one another, the result will be another Renaissance.

So, we’re not your typical organization.  We’re a volunteer-based, democratically run organization, where the people who make the decisions are the people who work here.  Where the bywords are generosity and attentiveness to those around us, here at hand, in our daily lives. It’s something we all deserve, it’s something we all crave, it’s something we all long to give to one another. 




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